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Stage 1 Features

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    Find Nearby skateparks

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    Locate local skateshops

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    School Holiday Tracker

    Ever been caught out wanting to skate and the park is choccas with groms? The school holiday tracker let’s you know when the park is a no go zone.

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    Filter your search by location or features

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    Map Route

    Not familiar with the area? The in-app map route guides you to your destination.

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    In app weather lets you know what the weather is doing at each skatepark location for the next 5 days.


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One of the stand out features of SkateSpot is the ability for Retailers & Brands to highlight themselves within the app. We are offering a number of opportunities to increase brand awareness and drive sales. These include affiliate offers and in-app advertising.

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SkateSpot Background

SkateSpot is a geo-location based iOS app developed to solve a very simple question:

“Where is the closest skate park?”

That simple question Where is the closest skate park? is a regular question posed by varying types of skateboard shop customers. These customers range from first-time skaters who live within the local area to interstate & international visitors seeking to connect to the local skate scene.

At its most basic level SkateSpot answers that query & using in-app features solves next stage questions such as how to get there and what can be expected once there.

Source of Concept

John – A founder of NGNY – has over 10 years experience within the Australian skateboard industry. His experience ranges the gamut of retail including retail business owner in Sydney, Australia.

His experience within the skateboard retail industry led to the development of SkateSpot and continues to shape the evolution of the apps development.

About NGNY

Ngakkan Nyaagu or NGNY for short, is a one hundred percent Aboriginal owned company co-founded in 2014 by Liam Ridgeway and John Saulo. Located out of IDX Hub, NCIE in Redfern NSW.

NGNY is focused on building an Indigenous Digital Economy through collaboration, learning & development.

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